American leak-proof underwear giant THINX has made headlines again, but this time it isn’t about employees being treated badly, rather “toxic chemicals in the crotch.”
I don’t own a pair of THINX, but simply reading the report elicited a silent scream at my desk. I felt an immediate shot of discomfort throughout my body. It was a similar feeling to when I learned that asbestos was linked to  Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder . Both are truly ugly stories about corporate greed at the cost of the consumer. 
Always quick to respond, Toronto-based KNIX took immediate action by launching a petition calling for safer regulations to be put in place. In a statement on Facebook, KNIX CEO Joanna Griffiths wrote; “Recently our category was called into question as toxic PFAS chemicals were detected in a major competing brand. I am pleased to report that KNIX products are 100% PFAS free. But for us, that’s not enough. We need to push for some kind of regulation. There are over 40 leak-proof brands listed on and only four cite the way their products are made.” One is left to wonder: what exactly are they made of?
Longtime fans of KNIX (and with a shared history), we applaud Griffiths for making moves to hold the entire multi-million dollar industry accountable. The idea of harmful material rubbing against our vagina is a total horror show that’s difficult to fathom. But as long as there are companies prioritizing profit over people, we—the consumers—must always be cautious.

In that vein: FUCK ANY COMPANY THAT TRIES TO MESS WITH OUR BODIES! If you want to lend your voice to the advocate for industry-wide change, sign the petition here

Further information about Knix Leak-proof underwear, along with a full report of the lab testing, can be found in their most recent blog post here. They’re also offering a free pair of Leak-proof underwear to the first 1,000 first-time customers who fill out this form. Sweet.