Six months ago, I couldn’t even tell you how a humidifier works; all I knew was that I needed one. Having put in the time online – from skimming hundreds of reviews to watching ALL the YouTube videos – I now consider myself somewhat of an expert.

My long ride down the internet rabbit hole led me to the Dyson Humidifier, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice; I can actually feel the quality of air in my home improving.

Did you know that some humidifiers emit bacteria while others evaporate water directly from a wet wick, which can harbour bacteria like E. coli? Thankfully, this guy kills 99.9% of bacteria by exposing water in the humidifier’s tank to a three-minute cycle of ultraviolet light before any mist is released.

Further setting it apart from the rest, the Dyson Humidifier delivers ten fan settings and the ability to project air evenly into every corner of the room, with eighteen hours of continuous use on one tank of water. There’s also a fan mode that moves air without adding humidity, which will be pretty sweet for the summer.

As a new mom and lifelong pet owner, the clincher for me was that it’s child and pet safe. There are no blades, no boiling water components and no accessible elements. If the unit does get knocked over, it stops working automatically before any damage can get done. Thanks to its airtight design, it’s also very easy to clean (not to mention slick AF).

The icing on the cake? The remote control is magnetic and can be stored right on top, which is the best touch ever because I’ve never met a remote that I haven’t misplaced repeatedly.

There are loads of benefits to having one of these guys in your home, from soothing cracked lips and dry skin to relieving allergies, but as a new mom, my main concern is Baby’s health. If you’re expecting or thinking about having a baby in the foreseeable future, here’s what you should know about humidifiers:

  • They create optimal breathing conditions for Baby by loosening build-up of mucous, leading to a more comfortable (and hopefully LONNNGGGGER sleep). They’re also great for sick babies as they keep their nasal passages clear, which is especially helpful when they’re too young for cold meds.
  • They relieve babies of irritated, dry skin. Babies have super sensitive skin, which is prone to dry patches, irritations and even eczema in the winter months. Humidifiers go a long way in helping skin retain natural moistness.
  • A less medicinal but welcome side effect: turned on humidifiers emit white noise, which mimics the sounds Baby grew accustomed to in the womb, thereby promoting a deeper sleep for Baby and parents alike.

For more info, check out P.S. There’s a Boxing Week event going on RIGHT NOW that’ll get you $100 off one of these beauties. Get it, girl.