For three years we have been clicking around, the Toronto style blog run by the passionate and multi-talented Stefania Yarhi. Longevity in this scene takes dedication but it’s clear that Yarhi has a lot more going for her than that. Each subject is shot with care and often posted with accompanying text that captures a city moment in a near magical way. After years of zooming in on the style of others, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Yarhi has a distinct style of her own. Classic with a dry sense of humour, Yarhi’s favourite things speak to her no-bull approach to life and strong sense of self.

1. My jade plant. The only plant I’ve been able to keep alive for more than a month! (Matter of fact, he’s 3 now!)

2. My antique brass frame bed with a stack to read on the bedside table.

3. Caballero RayBan’s. They’re my mom’s from the 80s. They are so heavy on the bridge of my nose, but a small price to pay for their badassness.

4. Caffé. My baby bialetta bought by my brother when I first moved out. Melts your heart don’t it.

5. Red lips. They go with everything. L’Oréal British Red actually, it’s been discontinued in Canada (boooo), but a friend found me a tube in the States, so I’m back in biz!

6. My ordinateur. It wouldn’t be a blogger profile unless I showed my Mac, yeah? 21″ iMac bla bla bla…

7. Good luck necklace. Heart given to me when I was a baby. Cornetto, straight from Italy and my BFF. The evil eye, cause working in fashion ain’t easy. Elephant with his trunk up, super good luck.

8. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you know me, I’m not afraid to check your ice box to see if you got some in there.

9. I play soccer, with the guys. My legs are covered in bruises and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. I met Carlo a few years ago and we’ve been in love ever since. 3L for $24.95 at the LCBO.