This summer, a new café opened on Parc: Chez Boris. Everyone in Plateau/Mile End has been buzzing about it, and with good reason – this little gem makes some of the best Russian-style donuts in the city, along with a menu of other goodies, including original iced coffees and teas, and lunch salads, soups and sandwiches (some of which are made with donuts!)

Before the warm weather vanishes, it is imperative that you experience the feeling of resounding happiness that comes with being served a basket of four warm, sugary donuts, each with a different flavourful topping for only $2.50 (or 75cents each), while sitting in the morning sunshine. Donut flavours change frequently, though the sugar, chocolate, strawberry/raspberry, and pumpkin spice donuts my friends and I were lucky enough to encounter during our recent visit were altogether pretty fabulous.

The interior of the café is quaint, with great eco-design: lighting fixtures constructed out of tea cups and water jugs, comic book-coated surfaces and old drawing tables that have been transformed into seating areas. Business cards and napkins are available beside the cash register, all prettily assembled upon an old-school Super Nintendo console.

Chez Boris also has a large bookcase near the entrance, where customers are encouraged to bring old reads and trade them, one-for-one, with a book off the shelf. We also spied a few board games hanging around for lazy rainy days. Your Mile End study and coffee dates will be henceforth revolutionized by this doughy, sugary haven!

Chez Boris 
5151 Parc 
Open daily 10am to 8pm

~ Tyler Yank (@Tyler_the_Girl)