CHOSEN vintage is hosting an amazing sale featuring Philistine, Silver Falls, and Penny Arcade


Why is a clothing sale so much more exciting when it’s outside in some sort of cute garden or yard? Dunno, BUT IT IS! And while this summer hasn’t been TOTALLY Cruel, it’s definitely had some rollercoaster ups and downs—so you should hit up CHOSEN Vintage‘s Cruel Summer Sale (yes, it’s taking place in their BACK ALLEY COURTYARD!).

On Saturday, August 24 from 11am to 6pm, browse the best finds from your favourite vintage shops Silver FallsPhilistine, and Penny Arcade (and of course CHOSEN, which is pricing almost everything between $5 and $20). Rain or shine, head to 960 Queen via Givins Street.

Aside from the BACK ALLEY COURTYARD SALE (say THAT eight times fast), CHOSEN will also be offering 30 percent off of a huge selection of their in-store product (just mention this sale at the cash desk. Sneaky!).

This sale is so sweet, you’ll probably go banana(rama)s. Que song, duh:

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