In the mid nineties the provocative ck one ad campaigns pronounced that we were all one; man or woman, black or white, gay or straight. The ever so controversial Kate Moss was the face of this bold new perfume that helped promote acceptance through its message, “A fragrance for a man or a woman from Calvin Klein”. Advertisements showed feminine looking men and masculine looking women, amongst an assortment of other types. The campaign was one of the first to overtly tackle sexuality; we have fond memories of discussing in high school media classs.  

Over ten years later, ck one’s message has been revised to fit the changing times of 2009. In the nineties acceptance was a key issue but now it’s time to work together, and thus there is a new ck one message: As individuals we are searching, together we are one.  

How does this translate into personal style and a sense of fashion? In 2008 we had parties with themes of ‘decadence’ and ‘glamour’. Hipsters were labeled as apathetic youth, extrovertly clad but embodying little purpose aside from partying and social networking. It was fun but that time is behind us. We’ve returned to a classic look, but one that still maintains edge, intrigue and vitality. The clothes, the make up and the fragrance act as the shell – but it will be what we do and how we act that truly defines us as individuals. 

Inspired by the return of ck one, we’ve created a look by pairing the fragrance with our favourite finds right now. Here’s to 2009 being a year with less gregarious and intoxicated photos and more clarity, sophistication and meaning.  

1. Like reuniting with an old lover. The One, the only. CK One, $60 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

2. Have him saying “Daaaamn I should have called” with the one-two punch of this smoky liner and your sexiest LBD. Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil in ‘Magic Black’, $28 at Sephora.

3. Whether from pounding the pavement or the dance floor, your feet could use a break. Coddle your tired soles with these cute flats that literally take the words right out of your mouth.  Slow and Steady Wins the Race ballet flats, $99 at Chasse Gardée (1084 Queen St. W., 416-901-9613)

4. Slide in and get your stride on in these long, lean and effortlessly sexy jeans. J Brand jeans, $230 at Covet + Crave (789 King St W., 416-860-9898)

5. The wind is brisk and the camera flashes are bright but your cheeks and lips can stay rosy and pink with help from BeneFit Benetint lip and cheek stain, $35 at Sephora.

6. Clean, simple and fits you to a V. Grey V-neck tee, $10 at Old Navy.

7. Smooth and supple, yet edgy and fierce. Not unlike Kate and Johnny. Make like the power couple of the ‘90s and leave it open but layer up for warmth. Silence + Noise black hooded leather bomber jacket, $128 at Urban Outfitters.

8. The taste of summer, winter and well, all seasons. Just the thought of it warms my heart and brings a rosy hue to my pale Canadian cheeks. With its red and white label, carrying it is practically patriotic. Stolichnaya vodka, 750mL for $24.95 at LCBO.

9. When you’re so late that they’ve given up calling, there’s time for only one thing: red lips. Pucker, paint and go. M.A.C Slimshine lipstick in ‘Classic Dame’, $17.50 at M.A.C

10. Look and feel good when you use Kiehl’s “Aloe Vera” Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser, $20.50, at Kiehl’s. This is one multi-tasking sudsy: it supports global enviro initiatives like sustainable and affordable post-Katrina housing, is completely biodegradable and paraben-free and the bottle is derived from recycled containers. AND it’s graced the hands of Brad Pitt. Alas, it won’t do your laundry for you.

11. Whether backstage or bedroom-bound, an upbeat band can always chase the blues away. The Libertines (The Libertines), Nirvana (Nevermind) and local Lioness ( are sure to hit the spot.

12. Screw Necklace. It’s tough, sexy yet understated. Available at Delphic Clothing Co, 706 Queen St. West – $135-200.

13. A girl on the go needs a bag that can keep up. This structured sack features pockets inside and out, making it the perfect adornment to sit upon your arm as you swing from business to pleasure and back again. Black lamb skin pocket satchel, $395 at Rudsak.

14. No evening is complete without a photo-shoot in the bathroom mirror. Be truly classic and capture your best (and worst) moments on film. You know, the stuff that needs developing? Vintage-style camera, found at Henry’s and other noble camera shops.