Coca-Cola celebrates young Canadians who are making a difference through kindness

Coca-Cola has been on a mission to promote people who are creating more happiness in the world. It’s amazing how much better a day can be when we do something kind to spread happiness, be it with our loved ones or strangers. Sometimes kindness is recognized by a simple smile, while other times it sparks an unexpected journey or inspires change. Coca-Cola went on a cross-country search to find young Canadians who are making a difference through initiatives that began as a simple act.

Check out the adorable video and see how people are spreading kindness with yarn. It’s so easy!

Here are some stories Coca-Cola discovered that are truly inspiring.

  • Make a Wish. Sixteen-year-old Sheliza Kassam, a native of Calgary, decided on her 13th birthday that instead of getting gifts, she wanted her family to help her feed families in need. Her one small gesture ballooned into a non-profit organization that Sheliza now runs; they throw birthday parties for children who live in shelters and otherwise would not be able to celebrate their special day.
  • Brown Baggin’ It.  Winnipeg teen Nathan Unrau, with the support of his parents Rohan and Elsie Unrau, launched Lunches with Love – a non-profit organization that makes and donates 450 paper bag lunches to Winnipeg’s homeless shelters every other Saturday.
  • Dancing is in his Roots. Luke Watters, a 22-year-old from Halifax, knows that dancing can fuel a positive lifestyle. He now heads up a special organization called Concrete Roots to help teens get off the streets and find their outlet in dance, giving them the confidence to excel in something they love.

Coca-Cola Canada will be giving Sheliza, Nathan, and Luke a helping hand with additional support and resources to make their acts of kindness even bigger. 

Check out more acts of kindness across Canada that have been captured by filmmakers participating in The Open Happiness Project program supported by Coca-Cola. 

Being kind can only enhance your life. How will you spread happiness today? See how many times you can do something random to brighten someone’s day! We promise that by doing so, it will also brighten yours. 

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