Samsung S8, iPhone 7+, Pixel by Google: which smartphone is the best fit for your life? Get all the answers from a #BestBuyMobile expert! 

I visited the Yonge/Dundas Best Buy today and in a few easy steps and fifteen minutes, I was able to make a decision. Here’s how it went down:

  1.  I walked in and asked a Best Buy team member where to locate a #BestBuyMobile expert.
  2. An employee pointed at the Best Buy Mobile area. 
  3. I introduced myself to a mobile expert named Meg. (SO EASY!)
  4. Meg invited me to sit down at a desk, where I began to ask her all my questions: 
  • Which device has the best camera?
  • Which is the best if I’m a blogger and snap a ton of pics and video for social media?
  • Which has the longest battery life?
  • Which phone is the most customizable?
  • In her opinion, what are the advantages to the screen sizes?

Meg was a straight-shooter, and I appreciated her frank honesty. 

Once it was established what would be the best phone for me, she pulled up info on file with my service provider to let me know exactly how long my current contract is in place and how much it would cost me to make the switch. She also helped me figure out how much storage would be ideal for me. 

Like finding the perfect lipstick to make an outfit pop, I then spent some time browsing cases to find the the perfect match. 

All in all it was a pleasant, informative and chill experience that helped me make my decision quickly. Thank you, Meg! You rock.