The first part of September is always a little more glamorous than the second half. We quickly move from TIFF red carpet events into cooler weather, leaf crunching and long walks with steaming herbal tea. While we could bitch about the chill in the air, it’s better to just get cozy and embrace it. Here are some fall fashion picks that make us excited for the season ahead.

1. The Charlottetown Cardigan from Roots
This is the perfect sweater for lazy fall weekends, reading the paper with a hot mug of Earl Grey. Wear it as outerwear with an oversized scarf or layer under a denim or leather jacket. Someone will be inclined to give you a bear hug.

2. Women’s Rubber Hunting Boot at Robber on Queen
Although we won’t be going on a duck hunt, we like these shoes for their simplicity and style. Wear with jeans or make your ankles super cute with tights and a floral skirt. 
Robber is located 863 Queen St. West

3. 1969 Corduroy Leggings from Gap in Aubergine
For long days in the library, or just feeling like a character in That Seventies Show, these are pants to live in this fall. In toasted almond, aubergine and rust, you will match the leaves you rake. And this is very important!

4. Converse All Star Lady Outsider boots
Take a hike! For real. Plan a weekend out of town to hit the Bruce Trail or take your four legged friend on the longest walk of his life. Look super stylish even when you pick up dog shit! And you better be picking  that up. FASHION! 

5. Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Messenger Bag at The Bay
It’s time to pretend we are in high school again! Because that is so cool right now. Pack all your crap in this trusty knapsack and you’re sure to receive a crumpled love letter ripped from a binder. The Wonder Years happen when you wear this on your back! 

6. T.Babaton Buckley Poncho from Aritzia in Heather Charcoal
For mornings when dressing seems difficult, toss this mega poncho on, mess up your hair, add bright orange lipstick and you are set to be photographed for someone’s street style blog. Er…probably us.

7. Anthea Necklace in Brass from Biko
Just because we are being all cozy, doesn’t mean we can’t bling out a bit. Biko jewelry is like finding a treasure chest full of beautiful lost things that drifted on to shore from a far off place. We think the Anthea necklace adds just the right amount of metal to turn an outfit from fashionable to edgy. Isn’t that always the goal?
Purchase online at or check site for local retailers.

8. Opaque Over-the-Knee Cable Knit Socks from American Apparel in Bordeaux
Match your wine with your socks! There is no better way to be a bus stop tease than by adding a pair of knee high socks to your getup. 

9. TOMS Cashmere Blend by The Row at Holt Renfrew
The Olsen twins collaborated with TOMS to create these exclusive slipper like shoes that are so completely comfy we almost hesitate to leave the house. Donating a pair of from every purchase, these shoes have already walked a journey before they even get fitted on your footsies.

10. JUMA Branches Orange Scarf at A to Zane
What would fall be without an orange scarf that reflects the very trees we become so mesmerized with? Yes, this is a stylish salute to Mother Nature.
Available at A to Zane on Queen.

11. Filippa K Army Field Jacket
Okay, so this is actually from Filippa K’s Spring 2011 collection – we scored it on the sales rack at Robber-  but this jacket is also very now. You don’t have to get a fancy one, just hit your local vintage hot spot and find a roomy army jacket that will fit all your warm layers into a nice presentable package. 
Was from sale at Robber for $150

12. H&M Dress
Back in the day, when mom got all dressed up for a hot night on the town, we’d watch her put on a dress like this. As we stared at her applying makeup in the mirror, the doorbell would ring and we’d do a belly flop down the stairwell to greet the cool babysitter from across the road. Now, we dress like mom but have way better hair. Plus, all the fall colours together make us happy.

~ Jen McNeely