Every week, Eleanor Bothwell of Bothwell Farrington Design scours Craigslist to see what furniture or home decor items have great potential, either as pieces that can instantly refresh the look of a room, or pieces that with a little DIY love, can be easily transformed to suit your taste.

Thrifty and with a terrific eye, Eleanor’s finds are affordable and will surely spark your creativity.

Here’s what she found this month:

*REDUCED* Pair of Grey Contemporary Accent Chairs - $250

A good price for the pair and easily coordinates with any decor style. If you’re looking for some extra living room seating but can’t really commit, these are a great transitional option, one that would be awesome with some graphic throw pillows for extra zuuusje. (From the verb zuuusjing, as in, “This plain white bathroom sure could use some zuuusjing up!” Alternative recos for spelling welcome.)

French Factory Metal Desk from Restoration Hardware - $500

Knowing how redonkulously expensive RH is normally, this is a pretty sweet steal for a home office, and you know this thing is going to last through whatever wear and tear you can throw at is based on the fact that it’s built like a metal (brick) sh&*house. A little on the pricey side, but this is a good opp to get a high-quality, sturdy piece of furniture for a fraction of its normal price.

Space Age Smoked Lucite Mid Century table lamp Acrylic MOD - $75

This lamp urgently needs to be part of your home because it is so unbelievably badass and would be perfect in you living room, on a bedside table or in a reading nook. Your other furniture will be jealous, but don’t worry, they’ll get over it in time…as long as the lamp invites everyone to play on its spaceship every once in a while.

Nice for some dips ‘n nibbles when entertaining. Love the 70s vintage vibe and these would go well with a plain white china set as a colourful accent.

Something about this plate is just crying out for you to paint or decoupage a dinosaur into the scenery. Add a little joie de vivre to make this seemingly non-descript plate on the wall a bit more fun for those who take the extra minute to find your cheeky artistic surprise! Tee hee.

These are a few years old but still a favourite style of ours from the more style-infused pieces that IKEA has come out with over the past five years. At this price for two, these are also a great option for CRAFTING!!! Try out repainting, sticking an accent piece of wallpaper on the doors or maybe even a marble faux finish. Bonus: They look stylish the way the are, and those little ceramic pulls are still totally adorbs without going shabby chic overload (vom).

Can you say re-upholstery dream project?!?!

Kitchen island or console table, say whaaaaa? Portable and able to match pretty much any decor style, this is a practical work/eating/drinking addition to any kitchen/dining area, and a minimalist modern alternative to a chunky console table behind the couch or in a naked hallway that isn’t too obtrusive. Plus, hello? It’s $75.

Yeah, we don’t know how this is still available at the price. We have something very similar at the bottom of our king-sized bed and this is a great way to do the t-shirts/socks and underwear thing without having the furniture in your bedroom obtrusively take over your space (cause it’s like it’s part of the bed). Love love love those recessed handles. Faboosh!

Happy bargain hunting!