Do You Know How To Report Insurance Fraud?

When we think of insurance fraud, we usually think of people scamming their benefits to get a free pair of sunglasses. But insurance fraud actually encompasses a range of sneaky maneuvers. People often use a rough circumstance, like a break-in or an accident, to their advantage, using insurance money to “replace” stolen items they never actually had, or to fix damage that was there before an accident. Even worse, some people stage collisions to set up fraud, which is dangerous to themselves and others.

Insurance fraud may seem victimless, but like most things, the consequences are more than the immediate. First of all, police officers and paramedics waste precious time on fake incidents, which keeps them from doing their jobs. Beyond wasting tax dollars, insurance fraud drives up everyone’s premiums (NOT INTO IT), making it harder to keep yourself covered. If you know anyone who’s ever been a victim of fraud, it seriously sucks, and feels violating in a very creepy way. Most of us have no idea how to report insurance fraud, but the Insurance Bureau of Canada is helping us get in the know. With bunnies.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada website has a wealth (ha! Finance puns!) of information to help demystify insurance fraud. From infographics to videos and blog posts, the site illuminates just what exactly insurance fraud is, and how it costs all of us. And most importantly, the site makes it easy for you to anonymously report insurance fraud.

When it comes to insurance fraud, it’s easy to think it’s not our responsibility. After all, we’re not the ones doing anything wrong. But reporting fraud is important: it keeps insurance fair for everyone. Check the IBC website to find out how you can do your part. 

Although this post has generously been sponsored by Insurance Bureau of Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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