Another day, another project launch for Jeanne Beker. The latest from the 58-year-old who you just can’t hold down is just a natural progression for the woman who has climbed the proverbial Everest that is the fashion biz: her very own clothing line. The good news: Jeanne’s not claiming to be a designer. “I have too much respect for designers to say I’m a designer,” she said at an event at The Bay, in honour of the line. Instead, she’s going for what she’s been doing since the beginning of the career – editing out what she likes. More good news: low price points (nothing above $200), and it’s easily wearable by everyone. While it’s been in stores for about two months, in honour of all the free wine that was fed to us by dashingly handsome waiters (nothing like a man with a tray of ahi tuna hors d’oeuvres) we couldn’t resist pointing out our favourite five.

1. Camel cape, $195 Apparently this one is impossible to get your hands on, Jeanne even had a hard time getting this wool cape for her mother.
2. Faux fur coat $150. Try this with a pair of jeans and heels for what Ms Beker referred to as “the clubbing look.” Quotation marks aside, we approve.
3. Boyfriend jacket, $150. Scrunchy ¾ sleeves for those can’t be bothered to artfully roll their sleeves themselves.
4. Grey cardigan, $150. Jeanne makes this one cuddly and comfy, and really, you can never have too many cardigans.
5. Jeggings, $85. For the working woman, who simply cannot be stopped by the likes of stiff denim.

~ Elli Stuhler