Dress for Success is an amazing local and international charity that helps to promote economic independence for disadvantaged and unemployed women by providing them with support through training, clothes and career development. The process starts with offering career guidance, mock interviews and support for job searches. One-on-one attention is given to each client to find clothing that is appropriate for the job and their sense of style. They also continue to help after the women have found jobs by beginning their professional closet and ongoing support. Last week, we watched as Jeanne Beker helped one of the clients get an outfit for work, and the smile on her face was a testament to the magnificent work being done.

Jeanne Beker, Canadian personality, host of Fashion Television and author, got involved with a donation of items left over from a Gilda’s Club Event years ago, and now donates a portion of the proceeds from her clothing line, Edit by Jeanne Beker. Last week, she handed over a giant cheque for $50,000 to the organization. Over the years, she has donated over $70,000. Talking to her, which was an honor in itself for me, you could really see why this charity had gotten her attention. She was also able to convey the transformation that is made in the lives of women who are helped by Dress for Success. When I asked her how this has changed her view of fashion, her reply was that we must remember that even though we all say “There is nothing in my closet!”, that is actually a reality for some women, something we must remember not to take for granted. But really, the organization has taught her to be all the more thankful. The ability to get this support allows these women to transform themselves and helps them to become independent.

Dress for Success has been in Toronto for 12 years, outfitting over 10,000 people. They do all of this with the help from donations like Jeanne’s and from the support of hundreds of volunteers. It provides a great alternative to bringing your slightly worn clothes to a thrift store.

~ Molly Grove @mollyalice99