Eat My Bed – Cupcake Doggy Bed

By Dilys Tong
Sew Be It Studio

You might ask me why I would make a cupcake bed for my dog. Well, my dog is so bloody cute that you almost want to take a bite out of her. (And believe me… after a couple of gin and tonics, it has crossed my mind). So I decided to make her a bed that is almost as yummy as she is. After all, is there anything that spells out LOVE quite like pampering your pooch with a cozy cake bed? 

This bed is sized for extra small to small size dogs. (eg. Chihuahua, Jack Russell). If you want to make the bed for a larger size dog, just double the measurement and materials. 


  • Drafting paper or brown craft paper, for your pattern
  • 1 M of fleece for the top layer (the icing)
  • 1.5 M of twill, it could be cotton, polyester or mix. Just make sure it has a sturdy body. Do not use fabrics that are too soft and loosely woven.
  • 5 M of 1” wide ribbon. Any color of your choice.
  • 2 large bags of poly fiber fill

Pattern (on paper):

  • Cupcake top – The diameter should be 40 ½” by using a radius of 13”.

  • Cupcake Bottom – The diameter should be 31” by using a radius of 10”. 
  • Cupcake sideband-  This section will take a little more steps in making
    • Step 1 – draw a rectangle 32” by 9”
    • Step 2 – draw vertical lines equally spaced and slash all the way down to the bottom line but not through it. You are cutting them apart, the bottom should be in tact.
    • Step 3 – Spread each section apart at the top until it is measured at 41 ½”.


Cutting the Fabric: 

Cupcake top – cut 1 in fleece 

Cupcake bottom – cut 1 in sturdy fabric 

Cupcake band – cut 2 in sturdy fabric 


Step 1: Sew the cupcake side band together. 

  • With the right sides facing together, stitch the two panels of side band together, just the one side, so you can lay the side band flat on the table.
  • Press the seam open.

Step 2: Sew the ribbon to the side band.

  • Pin the ribbon on the right side of the side band, equal distances apart, stitch along the ribbon edge to secure placement. Remember the ribbon is supposed to look like the stripes from the cupcake pan.

Step 3: Sew the other side of the side band.

  • With the right sides facing together, stitch the other side together but make sure to leave an opening in the seam for inserting the stuffing later.
  • At this point, your side band should resemble a round tube with a hole in one of the seam

Step 4: Sew the cupcake bottom to the side band.

  • Make sure it is stitched to the smaller distance of the side band.
  • Pin the bottom to the side band with the right sides facing together. You might find this a little tricky sewing the circular shape. Here is a little tip… Sew with the side band fabric on top and that would help to control the fabric. Also, we are using a small seam allowance to help eliminate extra ease.

Step 5: Sew the cupcake top (the fleece) to the top of the side band.

  • With the right side facing together, stitch the fleece top to the side band. 

Step 6: Through the opening of the side band, turn the bed right side out. 

Step 7: Time to stuff the bed!  

Step 8: Once the bed is stuffed and full of coziness, close up the opening. 

Paws up! And you are done!! Woof!

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