Canadian winters are a total bitch: we know this. But what if, instead of grumbling about the slush and the bundling up and the bitter soul-freezing nosehairstucktogethercan’tfeelyourfingerstoesorheartbeating cold, we tried to embrace our patria’s charming winter months? I mean, it’s happening, whether we like it or not, so we might as well try to deal as best we can. So, in the spirit of embracing the cold and all the layering that comes with it, here is one attempt at putting the fun back in the season: colourful winter gear!

We’re bored of all the black, white, navy and grey we see on everyone every year and Canadian winters can be so much more than just parkas, sweatpants and thermal mitts. We’ve compiled a list of colourful shit to add to your outdoor ensemble so you can maybe, just maybe, avoid looking like a monochromatic Michelin Man.

1. A selection of Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves in a variety of colours ($45.50) from J.Crew, or this pretty purple leather pair from Danier ($55.00) will accentuate your appendages while keeping them super toasty.

2. Popsicle bright over-the-knee socks ($14.00) and tights ($17.00) from American Apparel are a nice change from basic black.

3. A Eugenia Kim Rain Chunky Cuff Pom Hat ($203.47) from Shopbop or a Cooperative Cable Knit Trapper Hat ($34.00) at Urban Outfitters is a nice topper to a darker coat.

4. Or, avoid potential hat-head with a pair of J.Crew Aubergine Earmuffs ($45.00) from.

5. These Juicy Couture Bowdoin Fair Isle Leg Warmers ($73.99) from Shopbop are nice for lounging around the house. Or, get REALLY crazy and layer them over your colourful tights for extra wow.

6. Separate yourself from the pack of parkas with this Dace Ember Cape ($360.00), available at Robber.

7. Sorel’s are pretty unavoidable if you want to make it through the winter without losing your toes. Go with this red pair of Women’s Tofino Canvas Boots ($200) instead of black, brown and the like.

8. And finally, chunky knit scarves are THE BEST. We like this blue Purl Knit Scarf ($17.80) from Forever 21.

*Note: we don’t advise putting everything together in one outfit, unless you’re really going for that Rainbow Brite look. Just add a pop of colour here and there and brighten up those dreary days.

~ Lindsay Tapscott