Emma Pickard

Where you live: Downtown Ottawa, Ontario
What you do: French History Student
Favourite places to shop: In Ottawa: Victoire (check ’em out! http://www.notrevictoire.blogspot.com) In general: Zara, Old Navy, VV
Music you can’t stop listening to: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Perfect Friday night: Dancing dancing dancing! Prompted by some lovely white wine and followed by some late night grilled cheese sandwiches at a 24hr diner!
What is your secret style weapon? XXL shirts
Where do you get them? Shop the super discount racks at Old Navy and Urban Outfitters (especially the men’s section)
Why do you love them? You can do so many different things with a giant shirt: belt it, tie it in knots, tuck it in, wear it as a dress… And you don’t have to spend more than five dollars to get a good one. Plus they’re guaranteed to be comfortable!
If you lost them, you would…: Yikes! I hope I’m not going around losing my shirt. If I did I guess I’d have to hurry home before I caught a chill.

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