Laneways are often left out of conversations about transit, parks or even public space. But what if the laneway could encompass all three?

The Laneway Project, a local non-profit organization, is hosting Toronto’s first summit on laneways: Engaging In-Between Spaces. The idea is to inspire laneway revitalization, and talk about how laneways can be transformed into livable spaces and transportation corridors. Toronto has more than 2400 publicly owned laneways, covering more than 250 kilometres of public space. But, we currently lack laneway-specific planning policy, leaving this massive store of public space in a grey zone. The Laneway Project aims to tap into the potential of Toronto’s underused laneways, and transform them into safe, vibrant, people-friendly spaces.

Speakers will include Phil Bliss, Brandon Donnelly, Mark Garner, Dylan Reid, Victoria Taylor, and Jonas Spring. CBC’s Mary Wiens will be moderating. The summit takes place at 6:00 PM on Thursday, November 20th at The Great Hall (1087 Queen Street West). Tickets are $10 (limited seating available) and can be purchased here.