Enhance Your Mind-Body Connection with September Movement Classes from Jo Leslie

I’ve written about it before on this site, but I think it bears repeating: I Love Bodies. And this passion for all of our fleshy moveables (sorry?) is also accompanied by an obsesh with “physical presence”—that is, an open communication between both our physical and mental selves, and with the outside world. This is so often described as being “in” one’s body (as if there was anywhere else to be…).   

I want to therefore give a shout-out to a wonderful new movement class being offered beginning September 9th, courtesy of movement expert Jo Leslie. The class is geared predominantly towards performers and artists, but anyone feeling adventurous and looking to enhance their physical knowledge and modes of expression is encouraged to inquire with Ms. Leslie (contact info below). Individual exploration in the class will allow everyone to work at their own pace.  According to Leslie, the class will focus on the body-mind connection, and will promote physical awareness, and with it the goal of breaking habits and freeing the bodies’ knowledge.  If it all sounds a bit mysterious and difficult to describe, that kinda makes sense, as it lives firmly in the physical, experiential realm. What has me jazz(hands)’d about it is the opportunity to work on being more “in” my body, and expressing from that connected place. (Now you know: this is what I geek-out about in my life).  

Leslie herself is one of Canada’s foremost experts in movement for the stage. She has performed and taught movement internationally, and has worked on projects ranging from hiphop to opera, and everything in between. For all you dance aficionados, she cites Til Thiele as a major influence (For those that might want to put that in a larger context, Thiele was a teacher and mentor to Pina Bausch, whose work was at the heart of Wim Wenders gorgeous flick Pina, which played the Lightbox last year for months. Cooooool! )

It will be at a brand new studio – 80 Gladstone, recently opened by Diane Bruni of Downward Dog, and dedicated to Movement practise and yoga. It promises to be adventurous, challenging, and enlightening: a wonderful way to explore and celebrate these fascinating and beautiful vessels, #ourbodies (ie. #ourselves)!!! 

Sept 9th- Oct 28th
Mondays 1-3pm
80 Gladstone ave
Drop ins $20.

For more information, email Jo Leslie: joleslie33@gmail.com

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