If I see one more person with a fake Louis Vuitton purse or wallet, I may spit. Or those dark-coloured/brown-leather-handled totes that everyone seems to have right now, which are so popular that knockoffs are even being sold in the Berri-UQAM metro? What ARE those?

Breath, gang. It’s time for a style re-haul, Montreal – it’s time to go local (and we don’t mean the likes of Matt & Nat or Rudsak). Take a look at hazel & hunter, a collection by Montreal textile artist Julie Deault. All of her pieces are made with organic fibres, hand-printed and hand-dyed – and as such, definite one-of-a-kinds. Keeping with natural, earthy tones – greys, whites, greens and blues – Deault’s totes, clutches and cosmetic bags offer a unique and local twist to your wardrobe. Designs are simple and pretty, printed upon a thick cotton canvas. What’s more, the hunter & hazel collection also includes an array of beautiful pillowcases and scarves (holiday gift idea?)

Generally, bags and clutches range from $38 to $74. Deault’s collection can be found at Boutique Unicorn (5135 St-Laurent) and Buk & Nola (1593 Laurier East); her pieces also sell in Paris, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and LA. No big deal.

Or, make an online purchase here – free shipping on all purchases over $100!

~ Tyler Yank