Evan Biddell opens up shop in Toronto

by Olga Basky
Last week, something very exciting happened; I received an invite to attend Evan Biddell’s studio warming party. Having devoutly followed Evan’s career since the first episode of Project Runway Canada I knew there was a strong chance I could be perceived as a creep.

After all, I’ve watched every episode of PRC at least 3 times and gave Evan a standing ovation in my apartment during the finale. I even cancelled legitimate plans to attend an eco wedding show for the sole purpose of seeing a couple of Evan’s dresses in person.

Let it be known that I’m not one to shy away from introducing myself to strangers. However, I had the privilege of two Evan sightings in the city over the last month, and I was way too nervous to come up to him, let alone remember my name.

As you can see, I was a little bit hesitant about revealing my true colours and decided to play it cool in an attempt to a) avoid coming off like a dork and b) not ruin my chances of becoming Evan Biddell’s muse in the future.

Upon entering Evan’s lovely studio, I realized that my anxiety was completely unfounded. Evan was so charming and down-to-earth that I’m not sure what I was worried about. And the man was sporting a kilt (!!!).

My trusty red-headed accomplice and I immediately got down to chatting with Evan and getting the scoop on his upcoming Toronto Fashion Week showing. While he couldn’t give away too much, I can tell you this, friends: expect beautiful, wearable clothing with a twist. We’re talking deliciously skimpy cowel neck jumpers, drop crotch jeans (SOO hot), and in general garments that transcend gender or at least a mélange of boy and girl.

While at the studio we were allowed a sneak peek at some dresses from his Fall ’08 collection. One maxi length dress particularly caught my eye. Black, simple, and glorious it was. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Francisco Costa got wind of this dress he would immediately fall to his knees in orgasmic delight.

Besides being easy to talk to, Evan seems never afraid to mix it up and deals with nay sayers head-on. Evan recalled how people would comment that his collection is too commercial. He took it as a compliment, saying that he actually wants people to be able to wear his clothes. Eureka.

Furthermore, when asked where Evan aspires to sell his duds? He confessed that he would choose The Bay over Holts in a heartbeat. Marry me.

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