by Jen McNeely

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve suffered from eczema and sensitive, re-active skin. These problems, combined with my obsession with lotion have allowed me to test out just about every cream, potion, moisturizer out there. I’ve broken the bank on ornate bottles from Holts, experimented with organic stuff made of honey and in every gift shop or drug mart, I will always test out anything I can squeeze from a bottle. Most often, I will exit with a waft of eight different scents ranging from patchouli to gin and tonic. Looking at my bedside table of concoctions, one may assume I have an addiction of sorts. Alas, I have finally found a bottle that quenches my body’s insatiable thirst, and it only costs 8 bucks.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy Skin Protective Body Lotion (pheww, that’s a mouthful), was made for those who struggle with bothersome dry skin symptoms like redness, tightness, cracks, scales, flakes and soreness. This new product was tested in Kodiak, Alaska – one of the harshest skin environments, and like myself, the residents of Kodiak were quickly hooked.

Additional Tips to Help Your Skin from dermatologist Dr. Julia M. Carroll MD FRCPC

– Hot steamy showers are tempting this time of year, but will dry out your skin. Try to keep the temp at a luker than luke warm.
– Limit washing with soap to private parts and underarms. There’s no need to lather your arms and legs full of soap – it will only dry out the skin.
– Eat a well balanced diet with lots of omega-3’s, the building blocks of your skin’s natural, moisture-retaining oil barrier. (Flax, walnuts, safflower oil, tuna, herring, halibut, salmon, mackerel – all excellent sources of omega-3s.
– Moisturize directly after shower, when your skin is still wet. It will trap and lock moisture in.
– Swap dryer sheets for balls of aluminum foil
– Get a humidifier to help during these cold and dry months.

Vaseline Clinical Therapy retails between $6. 49 and $8.49 at drug, grocery and mass merchandise locations across Canada. Stock up on a couple – as they are being pulled from the shelf fast!