Feather Hairband

by Rina Grosman

My first run in with this feathery delight was at the One of a Kind Christmas show and I thought “this is so neat and I can totally make it!” I didn’t even realize that the feather hairband thing was such a trend until I started to see them in places like Tristan America and Fashion Crimes. Trend or no trend I love them! Tacky with tons of rhinestones, or simple muted colours, it adds something unusual and interesting to otherwise boring hair.

Glue spray
Hair band

Step 1: Cut two symmetrical egg shapes out of your felt. Try and use a felt that matches, or compliments the colour of the feathers.

Step 2: Spray one piece of felt with glue and place the feathers on top, starting at the largest part of the egg and fanning out. Work your way down to the narrowest part of the felt, placing feathers on top of the row before (use extra spray glue when needed).

Step 3: Once the felt is completely covered by feathers add rhinestones (I suggest doing it in one place like the narrow part of the felt). Let dry.

Step 4: Spray the other piece of felt with glue and sandwich the two pieces together with the headband in between. Make sure to position the headband properly beforehand, ie. having the feathers dead centre of the band is visually a bad idea.

Fly free.

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