All it took to get Christina Remenyi’s gorgeous lingerie line, Fortnight, off the ground was a little CPR. Super Sexy CPR, that is. The Toronto designer, who studied in the city then travelled Europe honing her craft, wanted to make a line of lingerie that was as practical as it was beautiful. Handmade in Canada, the pieces are to die for, and when it came time to promote the line, her ad company, Red Urban, took that literally. Together they created Super Sexy CPR, a gorgeously shot video where Fortnight-clad models give us a rundown on the basics of CPR (you’ll be surprised how much you don’t remember.) The video took off-like, really took off. When we sat down with Remenyi, 4 million people had viewed the video. “It took me a little bit to even comprehend what 4 million meant,” she says. “It’s just insane. It was at a million overnight.”

“Sexy to me is confidence and a little bit of cheekiness,” says Remenyi, which describes the video, and her designs, very accurately.
“It’s a great concept and it really does remind you that CPR’s not a bad thing to know how to do.”

The bras, which are comprised of 30-40 different pieces, are all made meticulously in-house, and available in sizes 30-38 A-E. The goal? Make comfort feel sexy and feminine, so that even women who hate wearing a bra want to sashay around in them all day. Remenyi is a girl who knows how to combine sexy and comfortable. What’s her ideal break after a day spent slaving away over sexy underthings? “Getting empanadas, and a coffee.”