Found Objects Make For Sexy V-Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day card…check.
Restaurant reservation…check.
Lacey red bra…check.
Chocolate sauce for later…check.

All set non?

Sure, you’ve got all the predictable lovey-dovey stuff on your list, but what about doing something personalized and unexpected? How about taking something he/she already owns and adding your very own special touch?

What you’ll need:
Found object
Permanent marker
Sand paper (optional)
Pencil crayons/markers
Sequins or rhinestones
White glue
Gloss medium/ varnish

Step 1: Find an appropriate object belonging to your lover to decorate – I chose a deodorant – but there are many other possibilities i.e. wine bottle, lighter, pencil case, you get my drift. Just make sure you don’t piss off your better half by wrecking something they hold dear. If necessary, peel off stickers.

Step 2: If surface is glossy enough to keep glue from adhering properly, sand it down.

Step 3: Stage a sexy photoshoot wearing as much or as little clothing as you’d like. Import pics, adjust brightness, contrast, size etc., and print. Black and white looks sexy.

Step 4: Add a colour accent with pencil crayons or markers. Red seems strangely appropriate 😉

Step 5: If you plan on leaving negative spaces between images, colour in background with permanent marker.

Step 6: Cut out pics.

Step 7: Arrange pics and glue onto found object using white glue.

Step 8: Decorate with sequins or rhinestones, glue them on also.

Step 9: Brush varnish on top of pics, sealing them in and adding gloss. Smooth

out clunks of varnish, but if it gets thick, not to worry, its dries clear! Wait till almost dry.

Step 10: Print or handwrite a sexy message or greeting. Add second coat of varnish.

Step 11: Put back to where you found it and wait for your partner to discover and fall deeper in love with you!

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  1. prettyPR
    February 18, 2008

    This piece was just hilarious.
    I’m sure that If i took my boyfriend’s deodorant and glued sequins on it he’d be REALLY mad. however, Im currently getting supplies to glue on to his cigarette case! Thanks for the idea, shedoesthecity!

  2. Anonymous
    April 20, 2011

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