Oh hey, it’s the holidays! In case you hadn’t noticed. The weather’s been unseasonably pleasant this November, so it might be easy not think about it and I sure am trying, but every Starbucks and major department store in the city aren’t letting a little thing like a lack of cold and snow stop them. Oh no. There has been tinsel, sparkly shit and Christmas carols all up in our business since the pumpkins were tossed on November 1st. And if the holidays are fast approaching, that means holiday parties are too. Which means holiday dresses!

While I may lack the requisite amount of holiday pep and cheer, I can def get behind shopping for dresses. Here are 10 of our favourites to get you through every goddamn party you’ll have to attend in the next two months, from family reunions to chic charity fundraisers. And you don’t even have to step outside your door to buy most of them! That’s my kind of happy holiday.

1. Zara V-Back Dress $119.00

2. H&M Satin Putty Dress $39.95

3. Rag and Bone Hopton Dress $445.00

4. Madison Marcus Drama Dress with Feathers $414.22

5. Banana Republic Puff Sleeve Dress $124.00

6. Embroidered Bubble Dress in champagne available at Champagne and Cupcakes $169.00

7. Open Back BodyCon Dress by Miss Selfridge $52.45

8. Anthropologie Wink & Rimple Dress $228.00

9. Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Tinsel Dress $99.00 

10. Steven Allan Cameron dress, $430 available at Robber.

~ Lindsay Tapscott