Art history nerds, rejoice! A new doc about Canadian painter Emily Carr, directed by Michael Ostroff, airs this Sunday, Jan. 30th on Bravo TV. An old-school style melange of artistic images, photographs, spoken reminisces, historical analysis and Carr’s own memoirs, the doc gives an overview of the life of this iconic Canadian woman, from her privileged and puritanical childhood to her adult struggle with her own art and femininity. Think of it as an Emily Carr primer: you’ll be left wanting to investigate the motives, politics, and historical legacy of Carr and her work. Also probably wanting to move to the forest in a giant trailer for at least a week.

Winds of Heaven: Emily Carr, Carvers, and Spirits of the Forest airs Sunday, Jan 30th at 7:30 EST, and repeats Sun, Feb 6th at 6:30 pm EST>