Edmonton-based designer Malorie Urbanovich creates ready-to-wear collections for the modern woman. SDTC found out what she loves, and what turned her on to fashion in the first place.

SDTC: What’s on your love list?

What music do you play when you’re working? 

I usually listen to classical music, but when I’m rushing to finish the collection, I listen to a lot of dance music to keep the energy up.

Tell us about a beloved treasure in your home:

My home is a collection of treasures from my travels, but right now it has to be a hand-knotted blanket that I got in Morocco last year that inspired a lot of the new collection.

You can have a secret vacation home anywhere in the world, where is it and what does it look/feel like?

A villa on the coast of Italy, wearing white linens, surrounded by fresh seafood and crystal blue waters.

What film(s) do you often find yourself recommending?

What food makes you happy?

Fresh raw oysters by the dozen.

What would we find in your closet?

Knits in soft natural fabrics.

What first turned you on to fashion?

Godard movies; especially the vibrant colours and the whimsical fashions of his heroines.

What adjectives would you use to describe your AW15 collection?

Eclectic, colourful and luxurious.

Your friend from Berlin asks you to describe Canadian style, whatchya gonna say?