Ania Taubenfligel, along with her two brothers Mark & Adam, collaborated to create TRIARCHY denim. Ania is a fashion model and competitive show jumper who designs clothing that equips you “for a life lived on the road less traveled.” TRIARCHY hits the runway tonight at World MasterCard Fashion Week.

We got the inside scoop on her faves, current take on style and dream vacation home.

SDTC: What’s on your love list? 

AT: Triarchy Medium wash skinny blue jeans.

What music do you play when you’re working? 

Depends what mood I am in, but lately One Republic and some blues.

Tell us about a beloved treasure in your home?

My dog.

You can have a secret vacation home anywhere in the world, where is it?

A cabin on the lake in the woods or a cottage on a beach somewhere warm like the Caribbean.

What films do you often find yourself recommending?

Adventure Films.

What food makes you happy?

Fresh food. Fruit, seafood, veggies – whatever’s fresh and gets your senses going.

What we find a lot of in your closet?

What first turned you on to fashion?

The history of it. I look at fashion styles from a historical perspective. How styles emanate certain eras, cultures or people is beautiful. I look at how people reinterpret these styles into their own look to represent themselves.

What adjectives would you use to describe your AW15 collection?

It’s inspired by camp lifestyle and sophisticated adventure, living on the edge.

Your friend from Berlin asks you to describe Canadian style, whatchya gonna say?

Current life motto?

One leg at a time and don’t look back.