Gladstone Boozaar: Call For Vendors

Hosted by the Toronto Vintage Society at Queen West’s Gladstone Hotel,┬áthe Gladstone Boozaar is similar to everything we love about the monthly Gladstone Flea, but with lots of wine, gin, vodka and beer. Basically, the Flea’s rebellious little sis is getting tipsy and having a late night shopping party with all her crafty friends who make cool shit. Do YOU make cool shit? Read on!

Calling all jewellery designers, magical illustrators, woodcrafting geniuses, shirt dyers, vintage hoarders (you don’t make it, but you know how to pick it!), edible stuff in mason jar makers, knapsack weavers, lotion and potion people: IF YOU MAKE COOL THINGS AND WANT IN ON THIS LATE NIGHT BOOZY BAZAAR ACTION, email NOW. The space is filling up fast; join the party ASAP.

Dranks. Vintage. Night. DIY treasures. Fun folks. Summer. Maybe some dancing. OoOoOoh, the possibilities!

See you on Thursday, July 30th, 7-11pm.

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