By Becca Shrimpton

Its no surprise that NARS is still creating more and more product with its coveted Orgasm name, the peachy-pink colour that originated with the cult classic blush and grew to inhabit bottles of lip-gloss, nail polish, and the multiple. The very latest thing is the Orgasm Illuminator, a lightweight liquid that is applied effortlessly onto the face for a radiant glow. Gold flecks and the sought-after peachy-pink shimmer diffuse light to give your skin a mega advantage when you go nude and are looking to enhance. This illuminator gives a great all-over fresh faced look, but can also be applied strategically as a highlighter or mixed in with your existing foundation to amp it up. You know what, don’t even stop with your face, bring it right down your chest to draw a little attention to the new low-cut tops we can start wearing in the springtime sunshine. It’s one of those multi-use products we grow to know and love and use the hell out of. Bound to be put on the growing list of consumer cult favourites.