GUYS, don’t worry! Your vibrator will arrive!! Phew. And just when you started eyeing that slightly wilted English cucumber. Fret not, Good For Her, self-described as “Toronto’s beloved feminist sex store” (we wholeheartedly concur) will not let the postal service delay your pleasure. That’s right, Good For Her will bike a dildo to your door.

“The weather is beautiful, and this way the staff here get to mix our love of bicycles and our desire to provide impeccable customer service,” says Good For Her manager, Alison Lee. It’s also eco-friendly! Get your Strap-on, dildo, condoms, lube, whip, or whatever dirty little sexual doodad you crave efficiently and with zero carbon footprint.

Now all you need to do is make sure you have a terrific line in case that nosey neighbour asks, “Whatchya get?”

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