Okay, this year I will not avoid the hard facts: Christmas is less than two months away and that’s pretty gross and I won’t have time to shop until basically Christmas Eve. Yeah, I’m that person. Solution: online shopping that has the semblance of me (and you) going to small Montreal boutiques on Sunday afternoons (ha, ha) and carefully pondering and selecting original gifts for our friends and family members. Specifically, here is a short list of lovely Montreal jewellery vendors who have great Etsy pages and websites worthy of your holiday shopping dolla’ bills. Or just browse and send links of things you want to your boyfriend/mom. Either work.

Red Sofa
Designed by Joanna Szkiela, Red Sofa constitutes dozens of beautiful silver rings, bracelets and cufflinks, all of which are oriented around an Elfish, twig-inspired theme. The collection also includes a series of claw, leaf and ocean-themed necklace pendants and Roman coin cufflinks. Szkiela’s pieces are on the pricier scale, falling in the $70 to $235 range – but honestly, these stunning silver (and very original!) designs are worth every penny.

Scrambled Studio
In keeping with nature-themed pieces, Scrambled Designs offers a very feminine range of matte gold and silver (certain pieces are sterling) earrings, necklaces and rings. Tiny bird, twig-leaf and butterfly motifs characterize this collection, and even better, prices are extremely reasonable, generally hovering around $25.

Pollen & Parcéline
Lastly, Pollen & Parceline offer a cute, crafty selection of fun broaches and necklace pendants made of white porcelain – some pieces also have unique embroidered edges (who knew that was even possible?) Small chickadees and plant images adorn the collection, accompanied by tiny and pretty silk flowers. Prices range from $35 to $50; check out their blog!

~ Tyler Yank