Jenny Bird. Her name sounds soft and breezy but this designer has blades beneath her wings.  Put another way, we love her purses and jewelry that are equally pretty as they are hard-edged.

Bird grew up in the artsy community of Elora, west of Toronto, and always knew that a creative career was in the cards, “I used to make bookmarks and crafts and set up pretend stores that my family could shop in.” And a few years ago she set off to follow her dream in a very bold way. While many aspiring designers will start their journey gradually by apprenticing with a well-known name Bird decided to get her hands dirty and hit NYC’s Garment District to spend time in a handbag factory. “It really was the best way to learn.” She says without hesitation.

But beyond knowing the craft and understanding the materials, Bird is a no-bull businesswoman, which is obvious within moments of meeting her. “How do you get famous people to wear your line?”

While many would skirt the question, Bird let’s us know, “You can pay for it.”

However, it isn’t all just a dollar game. When stylists see a good thing – they get on it, which is why Taylor Momsen’s character Jenny will regularly wear Jenny Bird jewelry.

But it isn’t really the celebs that inspire Bird’s designs as much as the stylish girl on the street who Bird describes as being “on trend, without being trendy”, and having “a personal style carried with confidence.” Although, she does admit to being a fan of Chloe Sevigny’s rebel taste. Ditto.

Inspiration aside, it’s obvious that the pieces reflect Bird’s personality and style, “I’m soft and like to be feminine but I also appreciate the harder edge. It’s also an uptown/downtown feel – I live in that space….and my design lives in between.” It is this versatility that she credits to being her major source of success, “An uptown store that sells my line relayed that both a nineteen year old and a fifty year old bought the same piece, that to me is the greatest compliment.”

We left with a black leather cuff that never leaves our left wrist and have asked Bird to notify us immediately when the Buckle Down Bag is available.

~ Jen McNeely

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