Green Sleeve

By Dilys Tong of Sew Be It Studio 

The green movement is on! There are so many ways to enjoy your java or tea without the guilt of killing our precious trees. When you’re out and about, and don’t happen to have your travel mug, you can still do something nice for the environment.  Instead of using the paper sleeve at the coffee shop to protect your hand from the hot beverage, make your own using fabric.  Reusable and stylish – you can be the ultimate modern fashion queen. 

Patterns: (diagram 1) 

  • The top line is measured 11” in total, the bottom line is measured 10” in total, it should be 4” in height. Connect the line as in diagram.
  • On each side, measure 3/8” down and curve the top and bottom line as in diagram.
  • The green shaded area is the pattern for the cup sleeve.
  • ½” seam allowance is included in the pattern measurement.

What you will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scrapes of fabric big enough for the pattern – try to use fabrics that are not too flimsy or sheer. Use medium to heavy weight fabric.
  • Fleece in your color of choice
  • Hand sewing needles and thread


  • Cut 1 pattern in fabric
  • Cut 1 pattern in fleece


Step 1: Sew the fabric and fleece together (diagram 2)

  • With the right side facing together, stitch the fabric and fleece together along the top and bottom edge, using a ½” seam allowance. (diagram 3)

Step 2: Turn it inside out. Press flat. 

Step 3: Finish the two side edges with a serger if you have one. If not, use the zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. 

Step 4: With the right side facing together, stitch the two side edges together. Press the seam flat. (Diagram 4)

(Optional) if you find the seam allowance corner is poking out, you can stitch it down with hand sewing. 

You are done! Now you can go to the coffee shop, order your favorite beverage and be proud of your green sleeve! 

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