Each year, approximately 2,800 Canadian women are newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Five Canadian women die from ovarian cancer each day, yet there still is no reliable test for it. It’s time to change that up.

We spoke with Janice Chan, the Director of Communications at Ovarian Cancer Canada to find out what we can do.

“The symptoms of ovarian cancer are easily overlooked as they can signal a variety of conditions,” says Chan. “Further, there is no reliable screening test for ovarian cancer. This being the case, the disease is often caught in its late stages, when the cancer has spread, leading to a devastating mortality rate. The most common symptoms are: bloating, difficulty eating, abdominal discomfort, and changes in urinary habits. Ovarian Cancer Canada recommends speaking to a doctor if you notice new symptoms that persist for three weeks or longer.”

We know what you’re thinking: Is there any way to prevent it?

“While all women are at risk for developing ovarian cancer,” says Chan, “some are at higher risk than others. It’s important to know your family history and speak to your doctor about your risk. However, the following factors reduce the risk of ovarian cancer: use of oral contraceptives, full-term pregnancy, and removal of the ovaries and/or fallopian tubes.”

Ovarian Cancer Canada is launching a campaign to spark conversations about ovarian cancer, the most fatal women’s cancer. By showing your #ladyballs, you can make a statement and move this disease onto the radar. Here’s how:

1. Strike the ladyballs power pose, symbolizing strength and determination


2. Capture the moment and share your photo on social media alongside a post like this:

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3. Challenge your friends and followers to show their support and do the same

Will you show you have the ladyballs to change lives?