Samantha Logan is the Director of Madoc Soap Co., a company she launched while completing her PhD in Human Health & Nutritional Sciences. She wanted to create natural and effective skin products and cosmetics free of potentially harmful ingredients.

Each rigorously-tested product contains high quality essential oils and botanical extracts. The result? Products that smell incredible and feel amazing on your skin. And, they actually support the functionality of your immune system by giving it a break from harmful ingredients currently found in most market cosmetics.


SDTC: How did Madoc Soap Co. come to be?

SL: Madoc Soap Company came to be in 2007. After reading several articles online and elsewhere regarding the current state of cosmetics (even age-old formulations like soap), I became frustrated with the lack of available products which fit my newly established high standards for quality and efficacy. After a few successful batches of soap using wholesome ingredients, I had enough to distribute to my family members who were equally satisfied with the resulting product. One thing led to another over the next several years, and Madoc Soap Company was born. We have diversified significantly from our origins of making soap to making other products (body lotions and scrubs, face cleansers and crèmes, shampoos and conditioners, baby products) but our standards have remained equally as high with our other products. Since then, we have established a loyal following of customers and created an online warehouse for shoppers to stumble upon.

Vanilla Lip Balm

Walk me through a typical day for you.

Days are anything but typical! One day I may be making numerous batches of soap while another I may be bottling and labeling our line of creams. The itinerary for the day is usually governed by the demands our customers place on us. When not manufacturing products, I tend to find myself tweaking our label designs or refining our website, or packaging and shipping our products out to customers. With days the Madoc Soap Company doesn’t occupy, I find myself helping out with a company my husband is part of, doing some technical writing for various companies, or teaching high school science.

Wash Sugared Citrus

What are your most popular items?

Well, there is really something for everyone, meaning, if I decide to cancel making a type of soap, I often get a phone call from a customer that I took their favourite item away! Everyone has a unique soap palate, so to speak.

Probably the most sold soaps are the Orange Blossom, Baby Bar, Jasmine Soap, and the clay soaps are gaining popularity. The face cleansers and crèmes are also very popular as is anything in the Sugared Citrus line (scrubs, lotions, body butters).


What are your favourite products to use?

That’s a hard question since I use everything! I would say the Geranium Soap is probably my favourite soap at the moment. I love the Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion, the Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo, and the Daily Face Lotion.

Baby Bum Salve

Do you have plans for a brick and mortar store?

At this time, no. We have never really had a need or real desire to deal with the logistics of opening a dedicated storefront, plus, stores that carry our products do such an amazing job of selling our products to their customers that we could not compete! It feels a little like having a brick and mortar store would limit us in this age of the interweb. We generally feel our products could make it into the hands of more customers by us establishing trusted and long-term relationships with folks who themselves have brick and mortar storefronts who are interested in selling natural and healthy cosmetic products, a disposition we carry close to our hearts.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in running your own business?

The biggest challenge I have had is in ‘putting myself out there.’ I am really not into selling; I love to research and create. However, as I have been told, around 80% of a product is marketing. My other major challenge has been finding the time! A few years ago I pursued a PhD in human heath and nutrition sciences. Since finishing my degree I have managed to get out more, but not to the capacity which I wish was possible.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

For me it’s about the cycle of product creation. Initially having a desire for a wholesome product, the creation of the product and all the hardships built into that, and then the subsequent positive feedback from those who get to use it first!

Further, having people find a product that works for them, is highly nutritive and healthy, and they feel confident in using it for life is very rewarding. The majority of my customers are lifers—not for loyalty to the product but because of its optimal performance.

What are some new products that customers can look forward to trying soon?

Personalized creations for events (weddings, etc.) and established businesses like hotels. Plus, I’ve always wanted to make a soap on a rope.