This evening, Hoame—Toronto’s modern meditation studio—invites you to join a 1-hour Metta mediation from comfort of your home. A notice from the stunning studio on Adelaide Street West shares that the evening will bring together as many as possible “to practice loving kindness, both for ourselves around the world.” 
The virtual event is in partnership with  Operation Prefrontal Cortex and will feature meditations by Hoame teachers, as well as special guest speaker Julien Christian Lutz (known to many as @directorx.)
Hoame founders Carolyn Plater and Stephanie Kersta opened the doors to the 5000 square foot space in 2018, with the goal of providing mental health care to overworked, overstressed downtown dwellers.
Previously, both Plater and Kersta worked as mental health clinicians, and realized that society lacked space for intentional pause. A lot of thought was put into the design of the space, to make it a welcoming environment that felt like entering someone’s home, with sofas and pillows inviting guests to relax and unwind before entering meditation rooms, the infrared sauna, or meditative salt cave.
While we wish we could escape the non-stop noise of distressing news headlines and hide in one of these calming spaces, the next best thing is to have Hoame come to us. “During this time of uncertainty, we want to do our part to help boost the spirit of our community while social distancing. The bigger our group, the bigger our voice because we’re all #hoametogether.”

Tune in to the @MyHoame instagram account tonight (March 26) at 8pm. This is a free event but the studio is encouraging the community to pay it forward by donating to @foodbankscanada at