What’s white and red with sequins all over? Throw in a pair of red velvet pumps and it’s your swingin’ holiday wardrobe! Invites are probably just flooding your inbox – you fabulous being, you – and if there’s a time for over-eating, over-drinking and over-dressing, t’is the season.

1. The work party . Ripe with opportunities for misbehaving, try something a little more covered up to avoid being the office floozy. A long skirt is perfectly on-trend and a sequined top is the ideal festive touch. We said it last year, and we’ll say it again this year, please don’t overdo the sequins. No need dressing like you’re attending Cher’s funeral.
2. Family party Whimsical dresses are always a big hit at family holidays and Anthropologie seems to be the Mecca of all things bowed and a-line. Courtney Love said so herself, whenever she’s in court (it’s turning into somewhat of a frequency, isn’t it?) she always opts for Anthropologie. So if a girly dress can garner legal forgiveness for selling heroin to minors (we made that up), then it can at least gain forgiveness for forgetting to respond to grandma’s daily emails. However, if you’re one to enjoy boatloads of holiday treats, may we recommend a looser option for ultimate latkes/gingerbread gorging.
3. Open-bar bash. This counts for New Years as well, we recommend something lacey and asymmetric. It’s like business on the left and party on the right. Plus, the festive bow from H&M makes you feel like one big present, and rightfully so, you’ve been good all year. Right?
4. Ironic Sweater party. I presume by next year the ironic sweater fad will be over, but let’s give it one last push this year, shall we? We found a lovely site that sells ironic Christmas sweaters in Canada (www.christmassweater.ca), just in case you’re more of a clicker than a thrift store sifter. If irony isn’t you’re thing we’ll always recommend Preloved for ultimate Canadian sweater goodness or the pictured red cardigan from modcloth.com.