MOVE THE SHOES! MOVE THEM RIGHT OFF THE FLOOR! PUT UP THE CHINESE LANTERNS! I want pink, orange, yellow—all of it! We need oysters on seaweed, and trays of mini butter tarts! Find a DJ with the hottest jams and serve heaps of Grand Marnier! This, my dear, is how you have a fashion party.

As I ascended the escalator and surveyed the scene, I pictured a well-dressed dandy standing on a chair, dinging a flute of champagne to hush the crowd. With a wide-eyed smile, he’d commence orders: “Publicists to the left, fashion journos to the right, bloggers to the pit, high profile clients centre stage, designers on the staircase—and when I blow the whistle, you are to strut towards the dessert table and give me everything you got.” A girl can dream, right? I would be so down for a fashion standoff. Whose fierce outfit and walk would win for the most drama, pzazz, and pronunciation?

It’s a fun scene, alright: a chance to ogle, to want, to pose, and to play a part. When guests weren’t omg-ing over shoes and wowing over sculpted brows, they wandered the room to see which Canadian designers Holt Renfrew decided to highlight with softly lit visual displays. Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Naked and Famous, Pavoni, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Tanya Taylor, wings & horns: These are the names to know, celebrate, and support. Now excuse me while I reach for another butter tart.