Let’s go to the swap! Let’s go to the swap! The hazy days of summer are here, and for most of us, that means wearing AS LITTLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. It also means that we’re getting a wee bit tired of all our summer shopping. The answer? Host a swap! A clothing swap is an eco-friendly way to score some new wardrobe picks. You always end up with something you would never have thought to buy, but love love love. It’s also a great excuse to get your friends together for a lazy summer activity-drag your clothes to one (preferably ceiling-fan-accessorized) living room, and gossip, sip lemonade, and trade. 

A swap can be big or small, depending on what or who you’re working with. A few close friends post-closet clean out, or a large group bringing a few pieces each. Larger swaps also work great when you incorporate pot luck food or drink, making for maximum mingling and trying on. Just watch out for spilly hands. If you live with a lot of people, a swap can be a fun way to bond with a new roomie. You can keep your swap as casual or organized as you like (for example, a summer-clothes-only swap), and encourage guests to remember swapping etiquette-clothes should be in good condition, stain free, and unless you’re setting up a mending station (CUTE IDEA!), free of rips and holes. 

If you have outdoor space, open your swap up to the neighbourhood-encourage neighbours to arrive before a certain time to set up, and swap on! This is a great way to meet all those cool ladies hiding stashes of incredible vintage in their attics-and neighbours without front yards will appreciate it. 

Remember, swaps don’t have to be clothing-specific. Why not host an accessories swap, book swap, or record swap? Encourage people to get creative and host a craft swap, where they can barter everything from mixed tapes to knitwear to home baking. Combine it all together and set up your own little barter economy bazaar one Saturday afternoon. 

Just remember, she who hosts the swap must then deal with the aftermath: that is, the leftovers. Many shelters accept donations of clothing or goods, but make sure to contact them beforehand to ensure they have the space and resources to accept your donation. As well, you can always head to Valu Village-just keep it green and ensure your swap stuff doesn’t become garbage! 

Photo credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/12913774/