It’s a question that plagues countless business owners/artists/entrepreneurs: how much do I charge?

Now, you can find out the answer to that eternal quandary at Perfect Pricing: A Workshop For Entrepreneurs.

While some people make up a price as they go, others price at the same rate as their competitors. If you don’t consider all the factors and you launch with the wrong price, this could be the end of your business. Underpricing or over-pricing can be very hard to recover from, and some businesses never do.

Head to Shecosystem (703 Bloor W) on April 11th and learn about creating a price that helps you not only break even but also make a profit; a price that your consumers are happy to pay and helps them value your product better. The workshop will cover the common mistakes product-entrepreneurs make with their pricing when launching a new item or business.

The price? Only $22.

Register here.