by Valerie Siebert
It’s Christmas all over again for any Celeb gossip bloggers lucky enough to have witnessed Tuesday night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala and particularly Mariah Carey’s acceptance of the Breakthrough Actress award.

The singer and Preciousstar raised many an eyebrow as she steadied herself on the podium and shook in fits of giggles while attempting to give thanks for her award. The honour’s presenter and Precious director Lee Daniels was greeted by his film’s star with a little dance, a hug, a squeal, and a slurry expression of luuuurve before bearing close witness to a bizarre series of fragmented sentences, bursts of cackling, and spontaneous applause. Ummm… huh?

“Please forgive me”she said “because I’m a little bit, um . . . Yeah.”

Taking advantage of the irresistible opportunity, next presenter Sean Penn took to the stage declaring “I plan to do this in absolute sobriety, forgive me if I squeak”.

“Think anything’s going to make it on Youtube tonight?”