Towers of macarons! Detox juice ready for the taking! Spritzes of fragrances at every turn! Smoked salmon on teeny tiny rye bread! Ladies, are you ready to POWDER PUFF? Awww shit, some serious beauty business went down this past Tuesday at Holts.

Although temperatures had dropped to an ungodly level, the women of Toronto were NOT going to miss Holt Renfrew’s Powder Puff Party. Five hundred well-heeled ladies (minus one lady who wore her UGG snowboots…er…me) and seven dashing men flew through the Bloor Street doors into a maze of sparkle, dust, scent, and gloss. It was a night to celebrate beauty, and along with makeup touch-ups, lessons, hair curling, eye-lining, etc., etc., etc., attendees could mingle with beauty queen Emily Weiss, who has built an empire reviewing products on her blog Into The Gloss.

We tested the detox juice (not once, not twice, but thrice!) and sipped on David’s Tea Mango Madness as we navigated the madness around the Chanel zone. It was lovely to see women of all ages romping around with magenta bags, snapping pics in the boudoir photo booth area, and having a gay old time being brushed and blushed.

We all hovered around when Weiss took the mic because we NEEDED to know her ultimate must-have beauty product. But when asked by Holts Fashion Director Lisa Tant what her secret was, Weiss turned to the crowd and said, “Eyebrows.” SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! The secret has been revealed. She’s got some great brows and woman, if you want to follow suit, you best book an appointment with a Bobbi Brown brow expert, like, yesterday.

See Emily’s skin cream recommendations on the Holt Renfrew website and read her interview!

Photos by Becca Lemire