Hey! It’s been a long time since we hung out! You haven’t really called since the last time we watched Game of Thrones together. I think that was the episode with the Red Wedding? It’s hard for me to remember. When you’ve read the books it’s really difficult to know which episode is which because everything is just SO DIFFERENT. Anyway, what I was telling you at the beginning of that season about Robb’s impending death was totally true, right? BIG SURPRISE!

So, just wanted to make sure it’s still cool if I come over on Sunday—I don’t have a TV but mama needs her HBO! Plus, seeing your face during those big moments means so much to me—the experience of watching the show when you haven’t taken the time to truly engage with the source material must be very unique. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated every time the plot subtly veers from George R.R.’s original storyline—boy, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Have they done the part in the show yet where—sorry, I’m doing it again! I just really wish I could talk to someone about this who’s on my level! But we’re a rare breed. Oh, we should totally take that which-character-are-you quiz together before the show starts. I did it last week and got Daenarys, DUH OBVS! I am a total Mother of Dragons.

Okay, can’t wait for Sunday night! I’ll bring the West-DORIT-os! GET IT?