Being an ambassador for Moon Apparel means I get to pretend I’m a model and provocatively pose around trees in Trinity Bellwoods. It also means that you get a 20% discount on the Honeycomb Knit sweater from Oct 22 – 25th! Just go to and use the promo code SHEDOESTHECITY.

This cute MOON sweater is ideal for layering with a chunky scarf and army jacket for crisp fall days or throw it on with some leather leggings and this season’s must-have riding boots.

In the photo above, I added a bit of badassery by stacking my arm with leather cuffs from Canadian designers BIKO and Jenny Bird. Since this time of year is all aout getting outside and going for long walks, I grabbed a toque and stomped out in bright blue rubber boots that are both practical and fun. I always enjoy mixing a sense of playfulness with a hint of rebel. 

MOON also sent me a terrific selection of some of their key fall items. I love the pencil skirt and wore it with their breezy animal print blouse, tucked in. I think the shirt adds a little “grrrrrrr” to the boardroom. Since I work from my home, the boardroom is sometimes my bedroom. Grrrrr…grrrr. 

The tailored jacket in camel is both sophisticated and adorable, especially when you balance on a fallen branch. (See photo.)

Which MOON piece do you like best? Check out the full collection here. And get the Honeycomb Knit sweater! It’s priced at $69 and with 20% off, you can grab it for $55.20. Since you will wear this 60 times this season, the CPW (cost per wear) is 92 cents. OMG!! GET IT.

Thank you Tamara and Jordin for inviting me into your Diplomatic Corp. of Style Bloggers. Thank you Becca Lemire for making me feel like a model. Changing in the middle of Trinity Bellwoods was especially thrilling.

~ Jen McNeely

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)