Jessi Cruickshank’s Real Hollywood Survival Guide airs Dec 27-29 on MTV & We Snag an Interview

We loved Jessi Cruickshank as co-host of The Aftershow and were sad to see our homegirl leave for Tinseltown but we know that she’s got way more to offer than asking Heidi Montag about her stupid relationship with the biggest loser on earth. We are also excited to see what’s next and first up is Jessi Cruickshank’s Real Hollywood Survival Guide, which airs on MTV Dec 27 – 29. Excellent tube viewing for when you are full of chocolate and rolling around in jammies at your mom’s house.

An MTV publicist informed us that episode one would have Jessi investigating a hot LA trend: vaginal rejuvenation. Naturally we haddd to get her on the phone to find out WTF?

SDTC: What is Vag rejuvenation?
Jessi: –It’s one of the fastest growing surgeries in Los Angeles, which is horrifying. I don’t want to describe it to you. I’d probably lose my appetite for breakfast. You are going to have to watch the special to learn all about it.

SDTC: What’s this Survival Guide all about?
Jessi: It’s the really important things you need to know when you move to LA like how to get a DUI. You know. I know my mom is not going to like it.

SDTC: What’s the biggest thing you’ve noticed since moving to LA?
Jessi: Whether it’s the person who is checking you out at the grocery store to the guy at the tanning salon to the vaginal rejuvenation plastic surgeon  everyone is in character.

SDTC: What about apparel? What’s HAWT on the street?
Jessi: Mini everything. I interviewed club goers at 2am on Hollywood Boulevard.

I saw a lot of parts I shouldn’t have seen when I was out that night.

SDTC: What about the dudes?
Jessi: Graphic tees, that’s what you wear as a male in LA. You wear a fitted graphic tee, the more aggressive the graphic the better, and a blazer. That seems to be the look here and I don’t really think I can find myself attracted to it but I’m trying.

SDTC: Does the beach and lifestyle make you want to be ultra healthy?
Jessi: For some people, yes. It hasn’t quite kicked in for me yet. I’m more into eating as much as I can and enjoying all of the delicious Mexican food.

SDTC: Have you been chasing that famous taco truck around?
Jessi: I’m a vegetarian.

SDTC: Are there mega-celebs everywhere you look?
Jessi: I had dinner across from Robert Pattinson. I tried to be cool I don’t think I’ll ever get cool about it. I’m actually really embarrassing to be around.

SDTC: Tell us something weird and wonderful?
Jessi: Getting your own milkshake is a big thing here, so I obviously had to get my own milkshake

We have no idea what exactly getting your own milkshake means but it sounds awesome. Vaginal rejuvenation? Not so much. But we are super stoked to see what marrying the two LA issues together looks like. EWWWW.

Tune in Monday Dec 27 at 8:30pm for Jessi Cruickshank’s Survival Guide to Hollywood. It’s bound to be a good time.

Check the trailer!

~ Jen McNeely


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