Since having a baby, my body has changed. My tummy isn’t firm, and after 18 months of breastfeeding, my boobs hang differently.

Some days, I poke at soft, dough-like areas that didn’t used to be there and sigh. But most times, when I catch my naked body in the mirror, I’m proud.

I may not be as tightly sculpted as I used to be, but I’m stronger. Not only did I carry him around for 10 months, but I pushed him out (best hard work I’ve ever done!) and I’ve been carrying him on my shoulders ever since! Further, as of today, I’ve nursed him day and night for 545 consecutive days.  Never in my life have I worked my body so hard. Never in my life have I been this proud of what my body can do.


There are still some days when I think I should be doing a gazillion sit-ups, but there are more days when I embrace my new shape, love it and own it. When my routine eases up, and I can fit in that extra cardio or core strengthening, great. But I’m not going to fixate on it; I’m already working damn hard. Every single day.

Check this new Special K video out, it’s pretty awesome. Girl, love your body, it’s the only one you’ve got. #OWNIT!