What do the Muppets, Greg Behrendt (the guy who co-wrote the book ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’) and Bob Saget (haaaa) have in common?

Well, the mightily acclaimed Montreal Just For Laughs Festival celebrates its 30th birthday this year, and these are three of over 100 fabulous acts expected at venues across the city from July 5 to July 29, 2012! How lucky we are.

The list of comics and shows is incredibly extensive – notable comics include Howie Mandel, Joel McHale (Jeff from ‘Community’), Jeremy Hotz, John Pinette and Bill Hader (SNL), each of whom will host an evening gala during the festival.

Just For Laughs will offer a special 30th Anniversary Passport, this year, starting from $99. The single pass grants three ‘category one’ tickets – for high-profile galas and the like – and one free ticket to a regular show of your choosing PER DAY, thereby giving comedy fans (like me) who aren’t rolling in the dough (still me) the opportunity to witness some truly wonderful live comedy on a budget.

Regular tickets are mid-range in price, typically $45 to $60. Despite the cost, I can’t help but argue that laughing your face off in the presence of comedy greats and hopefully a few accompanying pals is very much worth it.

As their website states, if you are scared of the internet, call 1-888-244-3155 for tickets. Enjoy!

~ Tyler Yank | Photo by Fagstein