JustTryIt: A Fitness Buffet for Commitment-phobes

We know it’s hard to stick to a workout plan, especially in the summer months when you want to sit sedentary all day in Trinity-Bellwoods (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). That’s why two young entrepreneurs are aiming to change the way Torontonians find their next workout.

Enter JustTryIt, a fitness passport that offers a fitness buffet for commitment-phobes.

Here’s how it woks:

Clients pay $49 for introductory admission to 10 fitness studios of their choice from a list of nearly 50 across the city. For $5/class, passport holders have 4 months to try out 10 of the best gyms and studios Toronto has to offer. Services include CrossFit, barre, Muay Thai, boot camps, yoga and kickboxing, and cater to all fitness levels and abilities. As an extra bonus, members receive exclusive offers at JustTryIt’s partner studios, in the case they decide to sign up directly.

JustTryIt’s mission is to introduce its community to amazing new workouts, but it’s also passionate about supporting local studios.

For a full list of partner studios head to justtryit.ca!

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