Okay, so K-Swiss has changed a lot since this, but the message is still largely the same: comfortable tennis- and runner-style shoes that you can wear when you’re doing all kinds of fun things (even when you’re lounging, according to a guy in one of those commercials). 

I recently had the chance to check out some of their new kicks for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, and it was nice to see the staff so excited about their product. There were snacks and beverages and a ton of sneakers (spoiler alert: one of their new models uses the ombre hair colour style—but like, on shoes). One particularly interesting thing is that a part of their new collection is lacking one major trait: the famous five stripes. K-Swiss, a company over 40-years-old, has stripped itself of stripes, going for a more clean and minimalist look in the Clean Classic Collection (available across Canada this August). 

Now I know we can’t all look as good in a pair of sneakers as Ed Westwick can, but K-Swiss kicks are classic enough that you definitely won’t look bad. And when you wear them you’ll probably have a super awesome day.

~ Sara Harowitz